The Critical Mass

Amazing Freak Play of the Year already, with 161 games to go

The Cleveland Indians lost their home opener on Monday, and that’s OK; I’ll be seeing plenty of that in 2010. This is a rebuilding century. Just like most of the last century.

At least my team made all of the highlight shows in its season opener. In the fifth inning, Indians catcher Lou Marson hit a shot back to White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle, who stuck his leg out like a hockey goalie making a kick save. The ball caromed off Buehrle’s shin and rolled just over the first base line into foul territory. Buehrle chased after it as Marson chugged down the line, picked up the ball with his glove and, without transferring it to his throwing hand, simply flipped it blindly between his legs to first baseman Paul Konerko, who caught it with his bare hand to get Marson by a step as Buehrle landed like a beer keg flipped from a frat-house porch.  Final score: 6-0, Chicago.

Pardon this moment of baseball geek, but click on this link to see the Amazing Freak Play of the Year, and then we’ll all get on with our lives:

Mark Buehrle play

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