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Where the Hell is My Amazing Freak Play of the Year?

In what was a technological milestone for The Critical Mass, on Wednesday I successfully imbedded a YouTube clip on a blog. A spectacular play from the season opener between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox. “Amazing Freak Play of the Year,” I called it. So, being a baseball enthusiast, I went to the link on Thursday afternoon so that I could enjoy it one more time. Flip the ball between your legs, indeed….

Oh My Gawd! The post has been scrubbed from YouTube at the insistence of Major League Baseball, which claims it owns all images from its broadcasts! It’s that damn disclaimer read by the announcers during the game, something I’ve heard thousands of times, never giving it a second thought. “….portions of this broadcast may not be blah, blah blah….”

Have I broken some law? I don’t know. All I do know is I was celebrating the product being sold by Major League Baseball. It’s baseball season, look at this Amazing, Freak Play, LET’S WATCH MORE BASEBALL! IT’S GOOD FOR US!

Now I find baseball is no less a control-freak police state than the National Football League. Baseball allows TV to show these plays endlessly – I wonder how many times ESPN replayed this Amazing Freak Play of the Year – yet let a fan post it on the Internet? I don’t understand the difference. I buy the merchandise. I own three official Cleveland Indians baseball jackets. They should be happy someone’s even paying attention to the Indians.

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