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The human-animal hybrid in the White House

I have been an avid watcher of the State of the Union message for years. Perhaps my favorite moment came in 2006, when George W. Bush called for legislation banning the creation of “human-animal hybrids.”

This was lifting the veil to reveal something straight out of the pages of The Weekly World News. Bat Child. Or a science fiction story: Were U.S. Navy laboratories creating a race of mermaids to carry out underwater espionage? And then the curtain of silence once again descended. We’ve never again heard a chief executive speak of human-animal hybrids. Silence, despite overwhelming evidence that a race of spineless humanoids has infiltrated Congress.

Barack Obama’s State of the Unions were not to be missed. Here was a man who wore the presidency with respect and elegance when he entered the Capitol building to speak to the nation. He was inspirational, intellectual, a man of unquestionable moral character. His eight years in office were scandal-free. And he had a sense of humor.

I don’t need to explain why I’m breaking from personal tradition on Tuesday, when Donald Trump delivers his first State of the Union. No one seems to speak anymore of Trump “pivoting” toward a more-presidential persona. After a year in office, we know what he is: A racist, misogynistic, ill-informed, corrupt, sexual assaulting, vulgar, junk-food consuming, narcissistic, xenophobic, authoritarian child. A grifter who’s leading his friends – and with friends like them, who needs robber barons? – in a headlong plundering of the nation. Humorless, unless you get a kick out of the lame nicknames he lays on his political foes. I see no reason to expect a different side of Trump on Tuesday. And as Trump is a proven liar with an astonishing lack of self-awareness, there is no reason to accept anything he says as the truth.

I stay informed, I read the news of the day from trusted sources. But I don’t waste my valuable energy gnashing my teeth over Trump. In November of 2016, the nation indicated its preference for a qualified candidate by nearly 3 million votes. We ended up with Trump, who was defeated by the biggest margin of any of the five men who lost the popular vote but still won the election, in most of those cases due to the quirk of electoral college.

I do see a just conclusion on the horizon. The hot breath of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is clearly on Trump’s neck. This will end as it did for Nixon. Then, a trio of Republican Congressional leaders went to the Oval Office and told the president that he had virtually no support in the House and Senate as an impeachment trial loomed. Soon, some spineless creatures from Congress, perhaps Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, will be escorted into a back door of the White House, where they will inform Trump that the jig is up.

And then what? We will begin the search for solutions as to how to handle President Pence on another day.

Perhaps that day will also be Tuesday. The opposing party’s response to the State of the Union Address is often memorable only for the careers it has ruined. Remember how Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal crashed and burned in hilarious fashion while delivering their responses to Obama’s State of the Union?

The Democrats’ answer to Trump Tuesday night will be Joseph Kennedy III. A 37-year-old Representative from Massachusetts. Smart, socially principled and, by most accounts I’ve read, a good man. Not well known nationally.

But, three years before the 2008 presidential election, not too many people knew Barack Obama.

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