Patron saint No. 4: John Coltrane.

Patron saint No. 4: John Coltrane.

“I’ve descended to the lower levels of celebrity: Interviews with Oliver Stone, Gennifer Flowers and the porn star Traci Lords. None of whom I’ve seen naked. OK, except Traci Lords. But that was research.”

– From “Eating Crow, With a Side of Faux Pas.

Questions and Answers with Jeff

Q: Does art matter?

A: I have a couple of old globes. Those worlds are made up of countries that no longer exist. French Indochina. Siam. Rhodesia. Belgian Congo. The Kingdom of Sarawak. The USSR, even; I’m old enough to find that difficult to fathom. They’re gone, but Flannery O’Connor, Jackson Pollock and Bob Dylan will always exist. That’s how I know art matters.