Waiting to go onstage at Hochstein Performance Hall.

Waiting to go onstage at Hochstein Performance Hall. Photo: W. Keith McManus.

Completed Manuscripts:

A Bottle of Mezcal

I’ll give you the first 11 chapters of a novel of music, literature, the fear of failure, alcohol, murder and dangerous art.

Look Out, Kid! A Boston Bat Boy’s 13 Seasons of World Series Championships and Dirty Laundry

Mike Coppolino, a Red Sox bat boy, and I collaborated on this non-fiction, coming-of-age tale played out in the midst of some of the biggest names in baseball. You’ll find three hefty chapters here.

The President’s Confession

The estate of the writer Leslie Waller, who wrote best sellers such as Dog Day Afternoon, turned over to me a first-draft manuscript found in the basement of his condo following his death. I took the story of eco-terrorists kidnapping a Nixon-like president and updated it as a contemporary thriller with a president who sounds suspiciously like George W. Bush.

22 Minutes: A Lifetime Survival Story

Ernie Coleman, a local sailing legend on Lake Ontario, is haunted by the nightmare of the sinking of the Vincennes during the Battle of Savo Island, a tragedy that claimed the lives of more than 300 of his fellow Navy men. This non-fiction book will be published by Lyons Press on May 1, 2019, but you can preview the first five chapters here.

 Work in Progress:

Vermeer’s Surreal Piano

My new novel. Set in New York City during 1943, a handful of the world’s most-infamous artists, including Salvador Dali and Andre Breton, have fled the war in Europe. They’re joined by a young science-fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, on a top-secret U.S. Army project that none of them completely understand. It’s up to a young  mechanical engineer, Pippa Street, to assembled the pieces and reveal the secret.