Album cover by David Cowles.

Illustration: David Cowles

Chapter One: Incompatible worlds in collision, over coffee.

Chapter Two: Bad fashion at The Driftwood Inn. You’ve got a hole in your soul where the wind blows through.

Chapter Three: The societal benefits of a short life of trouble and random violence.

Chapter Four: Dylan Thomas Died Here. And Over There.

Chapter Five: The warehouse of souls, found in the trunk of an abandoned car.

Chapter Six: Music that rouses the masses, steers them to the doorsteps of the impotent leaders hiding beneath their bedcovers, trapped, waiting for us to climb the staircase, step by step, to their bedrooms, where we’ll slit their throats.

Chapter Seven: Alien autopsies, AK-47s on the Western Front. Quantum mechanics explains everything.

Chapter Eight: The days of great, winking gods.

Chapter Nine: When the O punches through the paper. An occasion to listen to old records by Françoise Hardy, the Ye-Ye Girl.

Chapter Ten: Remembering a time when life was so life-like.

Chapter Eleven: What the hell happened to the Volcano Sisters, anyway?