Lou Reed tribute at Skylark Lounge

My monotone delivery of Lou Reed’s “The Gift” at Skylark Lounge with Margaret Explosion.

Spoken word. It’s what you do onstage when you can’t sing. I’ve written three pieces for “What if Everyone in Rochester Wrote the Same Song?” Thankfully I had Martha O’Connor performing with me, lending a keen sense of character and costume. The words to those three duets are here, as well as a piece I did at Tommy Brunett’s Whiskey Brunch at The Cub Room, “Men Have Failed.”

“Furniture” uses lines from my novel A Bottle of Mezcal. I’ve included a video of Todd Krasz’s excellent version.

“Don’t Go Drinkin’ on an Empty Heart.”

“You’ll Thank Me Later.”

“How Did We Get Here?”

“No One Will Ever Know.”

“Men Have Failed.”