John Coltrane

Patron Saint No. 2: John Coltrane.

“I’ve descended to the lower levels of celebrity: Interviews with Oliver Stone, Gennifer Flowers and the porn star Traci Lords. None of whom I’ve seen naked. OK, except Traci Lords. But that was research.”
– From “Eating Crow, With a Side of Faux Pas”


Eating Crow, With a Side of Faux Pas

Maybe That’s What Songs Are For

Four a.m., Many Eras Old, Found Dead

A Rambling, Reckless Hobo of Illogic

Stephen Hawking is a Peeping Tom

Bob Dylan's ChroniclesQuestions and Answers with Jeff

Q: Does art matter?

A: I have a couple of old globes. Those worlds are made up of countries that no longer exist. French Indochina. Siam. Rhodesia. Belgian Congo. The Kingdom of Sarawak. The USSR, even. They’re gone, but Flannery O’Connor, Jackson Pollock and Bob Dylan will always exist. That’s how I know art matters.